Using WordPress – Navigating the 5 Basics of Blogging

Using WordPress can be challenging.  There are many components to maintaining your blog by using WordPress, but most of these components you don’t use every day.  I get lots of questions around navigating around the backoffice, so I put this quick video together on how you can get in and use the back office to make modifications to your blog.

When using wordpress to maintain your blog, you will spend most of your time in 5 main areas: adding new blog posts, adding new navigation pages, editing/replying to comments, adding functionality through widgets, and modifying settings.

Hope you found this useful!  Keep it for future reference – you never know when it might come in handy.  If you found value with this information, please share the post with your friends and social media sites.  Thanks very much!

Yours in Using WordPress!

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  1. Thank You Scott,

    This blog post was very informative and you broke down the basic things people need to know in a manner that was very understanding! Thank you for the reminder about the expert 🙂

    I sometimes forget to do that. Thank you for sharing the value!

    Keep it coming


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