Two Tips For Utilizing Strategy With Your Marketing List

Two Tips For Utilizing Strategy With Your Marketing List


The More You Learn To Think Strategically, The More Success You Will Have


When you look around you, you can see how much people utilize strategy.  Whether it is a sports team or a business, they all utilize strategy to improve and get better.  They think about what they are trying to accomplish, then use a proven (or sometimes new) strategy to help them get there.  That is what I am here to help you with today.

Many people online do not utilize strategy.  Most will just follow what people tell them to do and when things don’t work out as hoped, just give up and move on to something else, hoping that will work.  As someone famous once said, ‘Hope is not a Strategy’.  So in whatever you set out to do, don’t just hope it will work.  Put a strategy in place around it.  Not only how you will execute, but what do you need to think about before you start?  What needs to be put in place?  How are you going to adjust things if they don’t go as planned?  What is your timeline for success? How will you turn to a coach for help?

In yesterday’s blog post, 3 Steps to Follow To Make Money Online, the first step I laid out was to build a list of customers or subscribers.  Most people online ignore this step and just try things to make sales.  When they don’t make the sales they give up.  I have been in this business for a few years now and let me tell you, you cannot skip this step.  I did for a long time and my business definitely suffered.

One of the most frustrating things about lists is that after you get people on it, they don’t respond.  They don’t open your emails, don’t click on your links, or don’t buy your offers.  First, it is probably because you have not built a good relationship with them or shown them that what you have to offer is valuable.  It takes time to build a good relationship with your list.  Show them you have value, ask them questions and answer them, provide ways that they can be successful too.

Here Are Two Solid Strategies You Can Use To Engage Your List

1.  When you send an email to your list, your autoresponder will keep track of who opened your email and who clicked on your link.  Let’s say you have a list of 200 people, and 10 of them opened your email, and 2 clicked on your link.  This might discourage many people. 

I suggest using a strategy called segmenting.  What your autoresponder will do is allow you to setup a segment, which is essentially a separate list.  You can add all of the people that opened your email to that segment.  Then, you can email that segment separately.  Send them a note, and thank them for opening your email.  Tell them you appreciate their time.  Perhaps offer them something for doing so.  They will appreciate that you took the time to send this note.  The next time you send out a bigger email, they even more likely to open it and click on your offer.

Utilize the list you are building.  Be strategic with it.  Keep you focus on listbuilding and building a relationship with that list.  The sales will follow.

2.  Use a survey to your list.  You can send a survey out to your list; say asking what they need to learn more about.  There are a higher percentage of people that will respond to a survey.  You could survey about what marketing method they want to learn more about.  Based on the results, you could create and send out a video explaining more about that method.  You could also then provide a link to a free or paid product (as an affiliate).  You are then providing value and something they have specifically asked for.

So there you have 2 different strategies that you can use for building a relationship with your list and potentially generating sales from your list.  Again, focus on listbuilding and building a relationship with your list, and your business will continue to grow and thrive.  We’ll talk to you next time.








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