Top 4 Secrets to Becoming a Top Producer

Implement These and You Too Can Become A Top Producer!

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What Are The Secrets? Learn From Top Internet Marketers

I have the privilege of working with some of the top marketers in our industry. When I learn something valuable that I can pass along to you, I will always do that. This particular topic, what are the top secrets to becoming a top producer in your business or in this industry, came from answers provided by both Daegan Smith and Vince Reed.

number1A student of Daegan Smith recently asked him, “What do you notice about people when you meet them – can you tell who will become a top producer?”. His answer was that you can never tell when you first meet them, but you can tell by the actions they start to take. The people that say “I’m gonna crush it and be the biggest” never become top producers. It is the action takers.

Daegan Had 2 Main Answers

  • Speed of implementation. You can tell by how fast someone takes what they learn and implement it. Who implements the fastest, not the people that wait for the right conditions, more training, more excuses – the fast action takers become the top producers.
  • Those that have laser targeted focus. Everyone knows what they need to do. Those that put the shiny objects away in the ‘vault’ and stay focused on accomplishing their goals. When you know what is working, scale up and stay focused. Consistency is key. Keep on plugging away and be relentless!

Vince Reed Agreed, and Added Two More Traits

  • Those that don’t make excuses! When you don’t make excuses, you implement fast and stay focused. You have a problem? Figure it out. Find the answer. Do not make excuses – no one wants to hear them and top producers do not give excuses. They just do.
  • Top producers attend live events. Do what you can to get there. There is something about connecting with people that are similar to you. Those striving to get better, learning, connecting.

I can agree with all of these points. I am never more successful when I am taking action fast, staying focused, and not making excuses. And for attending live events, they have introduced me to friends, mentors, partners, and let me learn things that I can help others with their business. I hope that you found these tips useful. Implementing these will help you become better and become a top producer!



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