Success Characteristics – Do You Have Them?

The Success Characteristics That Define You

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Change Unsuccessful Characteristics to Success Characteristics


I found this image today and was inspired to write about it. It shows what success characteristics are, and what are the characteristics of an unsuccessful person.

As I looked over them, I realized that I had some of both. It made me realize quickly that while I have made some positive changes over time, I still have some of those that keep negative energy inside me.

Some of the unsuccessful characteristics that I still carry: I tend to horde information and data, but I am working at getting better at that by sharing my knowledge with all of you. I also tend to ‘fly by the seat of my pants’, and do not always operate to a plan. I sometimes fear change, though I am much better with that. I sometimes blame others for my failures, though I take more responsibility now than I ever have. I also need to get better at setting goals.

Where do you fall in this image? How many successful traits do you have versus unsuccessful ones? Can you come up with a plan for changing some of those? Email me below or hit me up on Skype and let me know!




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4 Responses to Success Characteristics – Do You Have Them?

  1. Hey Scott, It’s funny, you and I came across the same image today, and it seems we reacted similarly to it. I have some of both, but thank goodness more of the traits of the successful person than the other. But it’s a great thing to be able to recognize in myself, so I can improve upon those traits and move closer to success. Best of success to you also! Best – Marcel

  2. Scott,

    Once more you have shared some great information. When looking at this chart I too can see that I am not as evolved as I thought I was. Nothing like a good wake up call to get you moving in the right directions.

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