Selling Tips: How To Tap Into The Vast Power of Emotion

How To Tap Into The Vast Power of Emotion

Selling Tips To Help With Your Marketing Efforts


Sell To Solve Your Customers Problem or Fulfill Your Customers Dream

One of the first things you will need to do as a marketer is to create a marketing plan. But before you start on that, you need to realize that regardless of what your business is, we are all selling something. It is important then to understand how to properly sell.

You need to remember that one of the biggest parts of selling is tapping into the vast power of emotion. Most people do not understand that you do not need to be selling a highly emotional product as a selling technique. Almost every behavior and every product or service we buy has some kind of emotion behind it.

So What Can You Do About It In Your Marketing?

I want you to stop marketing your product or service as what it is. For example maybe you sell an Ebook, a weight loss product, or silver coins. You need to start marketing your product or service as a solution to your customer’s problem, or a way to help them achieve a dream. Per the above examples, this may be a way to overcome their fear with your Ebook content, to lose weight so they look better or get healthier with your weight loss product, or to protect their future and family’s wealth by collecting your silver coins.

I want you to remember this as you work on the marketing plan for your business.

What DREAM will your product or service fulfill? Remove their fears? Give them more free time? Let them retire early?

What PROBLEM could your product be a SOLUTION for? Starting a business? Bad health? A stronger financial future?

As you work on your marketing plan and efforts, always remember to position your product or services as something larger than the product itself – that is secondary. What dream will it fulfill for your customer? What problem does it solve for them? This will tap into your customer’s emotions and make them more open to looking into what you have to offer to them.




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