Secrets To Rank Videos Higher On YouTube Getting More Video Views and Traffic

Secrets To Rank Videos Higher On YouTube

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Getting More Video Views and Traffic

I recently attended an event called Internet Traffic Live. In a session on YouTube traffic, I learned some secrets that you can easily implement in order to get your videos to rank higher on YouTube.

number1Generally, YouTube considers itself a social media network, and wants you to participate in their community. So not only are there tricks you can use to get higher rankings, but by simply participating more, YouTube will consider you more active and give you higher placements.

Now, For Some Valuable Tips!

So here are some tips that you can implement that will help your videos show higher in the YouTube search results:

  • Produce lots of short videos – 1 minute to 1 minute, 15 seconds is optimal
  • Don’t sell in your videos – drive them to a bridge page setup where your viewers can contact you
  • Produce videos such as product reviews, opinions on relevant topics, and other things your viewers

Here Are Some More Secret Video Ranking & Traffic Factors

  • Log in and out of YouTube Dail
  • As a daily activity, reply to all comments (or delete spam)
  • Add inbox msgs as contacts (remember that every comment is a LEAD)
  • Look at other ranked videos on your topic and duplicate their titles
  • Reply to all INBOX messages & attach an ‘about me’ that drives to your bridge page
  • Comment on other videos (i.e be active on YouTube)
  • Consistently upload videos
  • Use a Secret Keyword Tag on all your videos (ex. Scott794).
  • When your videos start ranking higher, it will start pulling up all your videos that are tagged the same
  • Build Play Lists / Favorites (again, be active on YouTube)

I hope that you found these tips useful. Implementing these will help you get your videos ranked higher, resulting in more views and more leads for your business!



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