Can You Rediscover YOUR Motivation?

How do you stay motivated when pursuing your goals?  When you start something new, there is an excitement and energy that comes along with it.  Think about starting a new school, getting your first car, meeting the right person, starting a new job.  They all invoke different emotions and energy and last varying amounts of time.  But what happens when that excitement is gone, and with it the motivation that drives you to meet those goals.

About a year ago I was at a personal crossroads.  In my mid-forties and realizing that life was not turning out as I wanted.  I knew I wanted and needed more from life.  Time was ticking away fast and I was living day to day without much thought about shaping my future.  I was physically out of shape and mentally off my game.  Feeling lost in my career and life direction, I had a life changing conversation with a friend.  I realized I needed to make change happen, to shape my own future, and that day to day status quo was no longer an option.  From there I set out on a path to change my future.

First I addressed the physical side, getting in better shape so I was physically ready for the change coming my way.  I read many books about wealth and securing a financial future for myself.  Through this process I became a business owner.  It was brand new, yet due to my long professional career tapped into something very familiar to me.  With more enthusiasm, energy, and time than I had ever given anything, I jumped in and started building my business.  I learned a lot.  I learned who I was and how I wanted to spend my time.  I knew what I had to do to change old patterns and shape my own future.

Then life happens.  You get busy.  Life events occur. Time marches on.  You find yourself asking where your motivation for change went.  When old habits and thoughts creep back in and settle for a time.  How do you get that back?  How do you re-inspire yourself?  How do you take what energy you have at the end of the workday and spend whats left working on your future?  How do you remember what inspired you to begin with?

I wrote this blog entry because I’m searching for the answer.  I thought writing would bring it to me and I think in a way it has.  I have found motivation and energy from people in my life.  People who inspire me.  These are people I know personally that find a way to inspire others by their talent, skills, generosity, and friendship.  People that remind me every day that the future you want for yourself is what you create.  Your choice.  What you want it to be.  Whatever you want it to be.  Look around for inspiration and you will find it the most interesting places.

Yesterday I was standing outside of a store looking at a sign.  The sign was outside a laundromat.  The sign was for ‘The Laundry Guy’, talking about how much more important it was to spend time with your family than to waste time doing laundry, let me do it for you.  Outsourcing your laundry for family time.  KAPOW!  It hit me – I set out on this journey – building my own business and changing life as I knew it because I wanted time back in my life.  Life had become too busy and too much to do and WAY too short.  I wanted time at home, with family, with my dogs.  And I wanted to have that without the worry of not knowing how I would eat tomorrow or how I would be taken care of later in life.  And only I could change that.

And that is how I rediscovered my motivation.  Inspiration comes in the least likely places, but take it and recognize it for what it is.  Use it as fuel for your motivation and to keep going towards the goals you have set for yourself.  Write down your reasons and keep it somewhere you can use it as a reminder.  Don’t forget why you set out for change – it is too easy to let old patterns creep in and keep you from your goals.

Please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this post, or if you have a story about how you rediscovered your motivation, I’d love to hear that as well!

Here’s to staying motivated!

10 Responses to Can You Rediscover YOUR Motivation?

  1. Awesome story, Scott. I loved to hearing how you found yourself at a personal crossroads, and took charge of that by owning your own business. Very inspiring!

  2. Wow what a great story! Inspiration can come in the least likely of places! All I have to do to find my inspiration is to look into my girls’ eyes. That will do it! Children can be great motivators because you want them to have everything they need 🙂

  3. Scott,

    I agree that writing things down is a huge part of creating change. It makes it more real – more tangible in the present moment. It also forces you to get specific about what exactly is it that you want.

    Sounds easy until you do it for the first time, then it starts to get fun!



  4. What a great story, Scott! It is so amazing to me the way that we can find inspiration in so many different places. I know that, when I had to go to the laundromat, it was always a time for me to catch up on my reading. Now, I do that if I am taking public transportation. Still, I know just walking down the street, I have seen signs that make me say, “That’s a good idea. I wonder about doing something like that.”

  5. I find inspiration through books and other people’s stories. I, like you, also find motivation by the people around me that are living their dreams and changing lives.

    Inspiring post Scott! 🙂

  6. Hey Scott, This post really touched home with me, BIG TIME! We are the class of “80” and have finally approached that stage in our lives, cuz I’m there with ya my friend, where TIME has really become of importance and the next stage in our lives, of asking ourselves WHAT’S NEXT! We are now called “Baby Boomers”… funny, sure didn’t take long to reach this mile mark in our lives, did it Scott?
    People like you are motivation to me, because you are real, speak from the heart and show others like me, anything is possible! I’m so glad Amanda introduced me to you, she said you were rocking it, AND DOING IT RIGHT…Boy was she right! Thanks Scott

  7. Wow Christina – thank you for that!!! It is so funny – I never considered myself a baby boomer but now technically we are and that is interesting to be assigned a generation 🙂 I’m going to check out what you have going on – I so appreciate you stopping by and posting some great insight. I’m going to have to thank Amanda! Take care.

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