How To Get Quality Free Traffic That Converts

Follow These Steps To Get Quality Free Traffic That Converts

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Fix Your Biggest Challenge!

A big challenge most businesses have is to get quality free traffic that converts. In this post, I’m going to teach you a simple strategy I use to get you quality leads, using free social media strategies.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Create a video for an optin page – introduce yourself, what they will get from opting into your page. (Ex. business tips, personal development, coaching help, whatever value that you will be providing your leads)
  • Create an optin page to hold the video – you can do this with LeadPages or a WordPress plugin that will integrate with your auto responder to collect the leads
  • Note: These are both one time tasks, then go onto the next steps
  • Create a video with short useful tips to help people in your niche (1-2 minutes max)
  • In your video, direct viewers to click on the link below the video to get more tips and learn more from you (link goes to your video optin page). Upload the video to YouTube. Tag the video with your niche, the subject of the video, relevant keywords. Be sure to put the link to your video optin page in the description to the video.
  • This strategy will get you organic traffic on YouTube (see my blog post on YouTube video secrets here to help you with that)

Next, post a quick description of what you are teaching in your video onto your Facebook Fan Page. Supply the link to the YouTube video. Those that see your FB posts will then be directed to your YouTube video, and from there, have the option to get on your list and become a lead!

  • This is a free strategy. However, you can always run FB ads to your Fan Page post to get more traffic to your YouTube video, and consequently more quality leads! (See my FB ad training here, minute 52:00 is training on FB Fan Page Post ads)
  • Also, be sure to send an email to your list with the link to the YouTube video every time you post a new video with the YouTube video link and what they will learn.
  • When you build your AWeber form, in the second step, you can set a page for where to send them if they are already on your list. Send them to another page (your coaching page, your opportunity, wherever else makes sense to send someone that is already on your list AND watching your videos.

This strategy will give you a way to get quality traffic that converts well into leads for your business.  Make sure that you are taking these leads, nurturing them by reaching out to offer help, and provide value by continuing to crank out videos and emails that will position you as a leader for them!

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