What You Can Learn From My Personal Branding Experience

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The content and activity on this blog is an accumulation of my experiences in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur.  With this post, I’d like to share with you how I ended up building a personally branded blog, why I think everyone should have one, and a few things you can do to establish your own brand.

Watch This Video To Learn How I Did It

On my webinar on Wednesday, I will be walking through the process of creating a personal brand and how anyone can create one for themselves – no matter their niche.  I will also talk about how you need to alter your mindset to focus on personal branding, a different mindset than writing about and promoting your company’s products.  I will show you how creating your personal brand brings you flexibility and rewards beyond what you can imagine.  Once you are working on your passion every day, the most amazing things will come to you in your life.

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Lastly, I’d love for you to share a comment here about your experiences with personal branding – or why YOU need to get branded!

Yours in Personal Branding and Online Marketing Success!

4 Responses to What You Can Learn From My Personal Branding Experience

  1. Excellent post Scott! Learning the art of personal branding has been a life changing experience for me and changed my outlook on networking.
    Your video brings up many great points for sure!

    Way to go Scott! You’re changing lives and that is awesome!

  2. Yeah I have to agree, the Unified Tribe Rocks! It feels good when you work hard on something you are passionate about and others help you get the word out, and you help them too!

    I think for me even if I didn’t profit from my blog/personal branding I would still do it…It’s just plain fun!

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