See How ‘Editorial Calendar’ Revolutionizes Your Blogging!

If you use a WordPress blog, I found a great new trick today to help with your Social Media blogging efforts.  It is a plugin called ‘Editorial Calendar’ that installs a calendar in the ‘Posts’ section of your backoffice.  From there, you can enter your list of blog topics into a calendar format where you can review, preview, set reminders, move topics around, etc. This way you can easily see what you have coming up and the topic that you need to start thinking about before it hits the blog.

You can also schedule posts in advance so if you have them written already but want to spread them out, schedule the post and have it go on a particular day.  Here is what the calendar looks like:

So go to Plugins, search for ‘WP Editorial Calendar’, install it, activate it, and go organize your upcoming blog topics.

Please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this plugin, or if you’ve used another Editorial Calendar that is a great resource let us know that as well!

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