Part 9 of 9 Critical Strategies for an Online Business From Home: Summary and Taking Action

Part 9 of 9 Critical Strategies for an Online Business From Home: Summary and Taking Action

In this blog series I taught you my exclusive strategies and recommended actions you can take to really make the mindset shift from that old ‘employee’ mindset into the mindset of an entrepreneur. Take the actions I laid out here, and you will find that you will make it as an entrepreneur – mindset is everything!

1. How to Create a Strong Personal Mission Statement
a. Ask yourself the questions in this section, write down your answers, and then form them into a 4-­‐5 line personal mission statement that will guide you on your journey into entrepreneurship.

2. Why You Need to Manage Your Business as a Business
a. Take the 10 steps I outlined in this section to get your business records in order

3. How to Let Go of Your Fears
a. Make note of these tips in this section. Think about a situation where you were fearful – how did you
overcome the fear? Or did you? Could you have applied any of these tips to help you? The next time fear creeps in, apply just 1-­‐2 of these tips and you will see how the fear dissipates.

4. The Utter Importance of Staying Consistent
a. For the next task you have, apply the tips in this section. Write out your goal for the task, what is the criteria
for marking the goal as ‘achieved’, state out the goal positively, answer the ‘why’ for your goal, and associate a positive belief statement with your goal. You will be amazed at how these 5 things will help you stay consistent in your efforts.

5. How to Develop & Execute Focused Marketing Strategies
a. Identify specific action steps that will be most effective in achieving your goals.
b. Look for activities that will bring the biggest payoff for the least amount of effort. Start small and focus on
quick implementation and completion.
c. Set milestones and measure your progress. Note how you will you know you are getting closer to your goal.
How will you identify completion?
d. Identify ways to measure your progress then check it against your plan at least weekly. If you are not moving
forward as fast as planned go back and re-­‐evaluate your tactics and action steps.

6. How to Get in the Game with Social Media
a. Setup accounts at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Outline a strategy to be a contributing member of the
social network you create. Make friends, talk to others with like interests. Comment on other’s updates, communications, and videos. Establish yourself as someone that adds value to the community. And do not promote your business with any sort of regularity – 1 out of 10 posts you make could pertain to your business – otherwise you should be adding value!

7. Why You Need to Invest in Your Personal Growth and Education
a. Identify 5 areas that you need to grow personally or professionally. Then think about who you know that
could be a mentor or coach? Who has the knowledge that could help take you and your business to the next level? Seek them out. Find out book recommendations or any training or mentoring they may have available.

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Thanks very much and I hope you got a lot of value from this blog series!

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