Live The Life of Your Dreams – Settle for Nothing Less!!

Live The Life of Your Dreams!
Live The Life of Your Dreams!

Earlier this week I was in a bit of a funk.  I was talking to my good friend and mentor about what was going on and she gave me what I call a ‘swift kick in the %&@’.  I needed to do something and was procrastinating.  What I needed to do was going to affect someone else more than it would me and I was hesitant.  I took the swift kick and just went and did it.  Did what I needed to do and remembered that I needed to do it for me more than anyone else.  Watch to hear the story:

So when you set on on the journey of life and you have set dreams and the goals that you will need to attain those dreams, find a way to remember what your dreams are and keep them at the forefront of your mind.  When you got lost or find that you are not making the important decisions in your life that way that will help you meet those dreams, change it!  Live the life of your dreams and don’t settle for anything less my friends!!

If you have had similar experiences, I’d love to hear them.  If you found this post inspirational and of value, please share it with your friends.

Yours in living the life of YOUR dreams!

4 Responses to Live The Life of Your Dreams – Settle for Nothing Less!!

  1. Scott, Hey, I’ve had to have a few swift kicks myself… but Oh do they work when you really need them! Really understood where you were coming from in this post and enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing with us! Keep tell it how it is… LOVE that!

  2. That is right Christina – I had to give myself another one yesterday but I’m learning how to do it faster and more efficiently, like everything 🙂 Thanks for the comment and feedback!! 🙂

  3. Hello Scott,

    I just recently lost focus and was able to BOUNCE BACK! Living the life of YOUR dreams is a great thought. You know we all experience crazy things in life that would normally cause us to quit or give up but if our (why) is bigger than any obstacle that comes in our way we are good my friend!

    Thank you for the golden nugget!


  4. Thanks David, yes this post was really important for me so I’m glad that you agree. It is constant work to keep that focus going and in the right direction. More and more it becomes about your ‘Why’ and knowing and believing in that keeps everything in focus.

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