Best Methods for Writing Online Advertising Copy

Part of your business that can be easily ignored is advertising. With all of your marketing methods and word of mouth advertising, writing and publishing advertising copy seems a tedious task.

Don't Ignore Your Advertising
Don't Ignore Your Advertising

Different people research in different ways. They are all looking to answer a question they have. ‘What is the best Mexican restaurant in Santa Rosa’ or ‘What is a good home business to start on a limited budget’. Advertising should answer questions such as these and show the value of your product or service to the seeker.

Writing advertising copy should consider this angle – what are people looking for when they find your ad, and how can you help them? Then, there are many alternatives. There is the traditional newspaper and classifieds, posted advertising flyers, online free classifieds such as craigslist and backpage.

Free classifieds are a great way to test and see if your ad copy is effective to readers and pulling a response. Even as you expand your advertising into more advanced avenues you should consider testing your ad copy in a free campaign first to see what kind of response you get.

While it’s a relatively simple process to post a single free classified ad, your goal should be to have a many ads out there on a multitude of sites. Having so many places to advertise it is easy to become disorganized, so organizing your site information (logins, passwords, advertising copy, renewal dates, etc.) will allow you to quickly and easily renew your ads rather than wasting time re-inventing the wheel every month. Use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of your free classified database.

A Few other tips when writing advertising copy:

  • Use a unique headline for each ad you post
  • Make the headline compelling or ask a compelling question
  • Use unique text in each ad you post
  • Consider using image ads (a picture with verbiage rather than searchable text)

Following these methods will help drive business for you in an organized and efficient fashion, while tracking your efforts for success and repeatability.
Please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this post, or if you have a story about how you good methods you’ve used for writing ad copy, I’d love to hear that as well!

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