How Can You Succeed In Business?

How Can You Succeed In Business?


Seek Out Pain and Avoid Pleasure, Exact Opposite of Human Nature

Human beings were programmed to live their lives avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. Almost every single one of them experiences a lot of pain before they reach the pleasure and success they’re looking for. Succeeding in life is about how when you take pains and experience things, how you will really react to it. If you are in the position right now that you are experiencing pain and not getting the results that you need, you are literally steps away from success.

Successful Individuals Who Have Experienced Pain, Then Pleasure


Business Gurus

Henry Ford: While Ford is today known for his innovative assembly line and American- made cars, he wasn’t an instant success. In fact, his early business failed and left him broke five times before he founded the successful Ford Motor Company.

Scientist and Thinkers

Albert Einstein: He didn’t speak till he was four and didn’t read till seven. His parents and teachers thought he was mentally handicapped. From there, he turned out to win a Nobel prize and be the face of modern physics.


Thomas Edison: In his early years, teachers told Edison he was “too stupid to learn anything.” Edison was fired from his first two jobs for not being productive enough. Even as an inventor, Edison made 1000 unsuccessful attempts that finally resulted in a design that worked.

Public Figures

Oprah Winfrey: Most people know Oprah as one of the most iconic faces on TV as well as one of the richest and most successful women in the world. Oprah faced a hard road to get to that position, however, enduring a rough and often abusive childhood as well as numerous career setbacks including being fired from her job as a television reporter because she was “Unfit for TV”.

Hollywood Types

Jerry Seinfeld: Just about everybody knows who Seinfeld is, but the first time the young comedian walked on stage at a comedy club, he looked out at the audience, frozen and was eventually jeered and booed off of the stage. Seinfeld knew he could do it, so he went back the next night, completed his set to laughter and applause, and the rest is history.

Writers and Artists

Steven Spielberg: While today Spielberg’s name is synonymous with big budget films, he was rejected from the University of Southern California School of Theater, Film and Television three times. He eventually attended school at another location, only to drop out to become a director before finishing. Thirty- five years after starting his degree, Spielberg returned to school in 2002 to finally complete his work and earn his BA.


The Beatles: They were rejected by many record labels. In a famous rejection, the label said, “guitar groups are on the way out” and “the Beatles have no future in show business “. After that the Beatles signed with EMI, brought their sound to the United States, and became the one of the most successful bands in history.


Michael Jordan: Known to most people as the best basketball player of all time, Jordan was actually cut from his high school basketball team. Luckily, Jordan didn’t let this setback stop him from playing the game and he has stated, “ I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Internet Marketers

Matt Lloyd: The person who created the Underdogs Team and literally took an business from only a year ago earning a couple of thousands of dollars a month to now making 6-figures a month and helping a lot of people to make a lot of money online.

Jonathan Budd: He really had a rough and troubled childhood before becoming an icon in this industry.

Ray Higdon: One of the top producers in this industry in terms of Information marketer and number 1 income earner in his company, yet he suffered through setbacks and foreclosures before he found his success.

There are countless others who have had their back up against the wall, have lost businesses, then turn things around by building one relationship at a time to create powerful marketing companies.

Live your life to the fullest and know that seeking pain and avoiding pleasure could be the secret to your success!! The moment you feel the pain, that means that you are that much closer to your goals, and the pleasure that you seek will come as you contribute amazing things in this industry and really succeed in your business. We’ll talk to you next time.






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