How to Manifest What You Want in Your Life

You Too Can Get Anything You Want With This Formula!

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How To Manifest What You Want In Your Life

Shelley Belcourt is an amazing friend and fellow entrepreneur. Recently I received the gift of hearing her story from up on stage at a live event. Remember my previous email about the importance of live events? Learning this nugget is just one reason why it is so important to attend live events – you never know what you will get!

number1Onstage, Shelley shared her ‘Manifestation Formula’. This is what she uses to manifest things in her life, and simply put a formula around it.
I have seen some of the things she as manifested for herself, so it has definitely worked for her. It is a formula that anyone can use.


So Here Is Shelley’s Manifestation Formula:

  • Set Your Goals. Write them down. Explain what your life will be like in detail once you have achieved these goals.
  • Attach a Physical Sensation to Your Goals. Create a feeling around them, similar to a strong feeling like being passionately in love. Create and attach this feeling so you will grow closer to your goals.
  • Practice Visualization. Spend time in meditation. Visualize yourself achieving the goals and the physical sensation around it. Make this practice sustained and repetitive.
  • Give Thanks. Give thanks for what you have today. Give thanks for what you will receive in the future. Always feel appreciation for what you have and for what your future will bring.
  • Take Action. This is not a genie in a bottle formula. You must take the actions needed to align with your goals. But putting the first 4 steps in place will make it real. It will drive your actions towards your goals and you will achieve them.

I have used a variation of this formula in the past. I wanted a beautiful house in the country, income beyond my wildest dreams, be in a position where I can help others achieve their dreams, and I have been able to achieve all of that and more. Some of it is taking action. Some of it is believing. Some of it is creating the vision for yourself and making it a reality. I have updated my formula to align with Shelley’s formula. It is something I have seen work for her, and feels right for me.

Consider implementing this formula for yourself, and see that the possibilities to create your own future self are endless – but not without work and taking action towards those goals.



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