How To Get More Leads and Signups for Your Business

How To Get More Leads and Signups For Your Business

How would you like to learn how to provide more value to your audience so you can get more leads and signups for your business?

Watch this video where I share a simple 3 step system to do just that!

This is the link I mentioned in the video:

Now, in this video, I covered the three step system called ILT.  When you follow this system, you will provide value for your audience which will in turn get you get more leads, more signups, ultimately more profit, and will (over time) position you as an expert in your marketplace.

The three steps are as follows:

INVEST – Invest your time and sometimes money into your development and growth via courses, coaches, books, events, podcasts, audiobooks, webinars.

LEARN – Actually go through those investments, and make notes. You are probably already doing this today, but not doing anything with the notes.  Take your notes not just as a consumer (how can I use what I’m learning in my business), but also as a marketer/teacher as well (what is being taught that would be useful to other people that aren’t here).

Also, think of your notes as uncashed checks.  My mentor Ray created this analogy.  If you had checks at home that came in the mail, would you just let them sit around, or would you take them to the bank and cash them.  Well it’s the same with your notes.  Transform them into value by teaching your audience about what you’ve learned, and share them via Facebook posts, blog posts, videos, instagram pics, etc.  Sharing them with your audience is providing an audience that is hungry for knowledge a ton of value, and getting them to become leads, loyal followers, and ultimately more sign ups for your business.

TEACH – The step most don’t do – and I’m going to walk through how. Use video to teach, this helps you connect with your audience worldwide and will be available forever.  The idea is to create video with the components below. Keep it to 3-4 minutes max.

There are 4 components to this video creation process and they are:

  • Introduction – Introduce yourself to your audience
  • Question – Ask them a question that they will answer yes to – encourages them to stay on and watch the video
  • Your Notes (Content) – answer the question that you asked by teaching from your notes
  • Call to Action – Tell them what to do next

If you watch the video above, I show you how I follow these steps for how I am teaching this concept of using ILT to get more leads and signups for your business.

Now there is a little more to the video creation process, and I’ll expand on the 4 steps in my next video and blog post so stay tuned!




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