The Lowdown – Getting Around Your Facebook Fan Page

Getting Around Your Facebook Fan Page

How To Utilize This Great Facebook Tool

The Facebook fan page is the page you use to market yourself and/or your business. If you are trying to attract people primarily to you and your services (such as consulting, coaching, or your personal brand for team building), then your page will be more about you and the value that you can provide someone researching you.

If you are trying to attract people to your product, then your page will be more about your product and the value and benefits that it can provide someone researching your page.

What makes fan pages unique from profile pages?

  • You have ‘followers’ through ‘Likes’, not ‘friends’ through connections
  • You have a ‘timeline’ that shows your posts and others that have posted there, not a ‘newsfeed’ that shows your friends Facebook activities
  • You can advertise your page to increase your likes or promote your posts to fans or other audiences
  • You can have a welcome video for your page
  • You can have a call to action button on your page
  • Your fan page can be indexed by Google for the keywords you setup in the profile for your page
  • You have ‘insights’ (analytics) that Facebook gives you so you can see how your page is performing and make your time and effort on your page more effective

How To Create A Fan Page

1. Create a fan page here:
2. Brand yourself if you are a consultant or marketer going after an Internet Marketing niche. Brand your company if you actually own the company you want to brand, or your niche if you are targeting something specific like I am (Permaculture).
3. Choose the category for your page that best suites what you are doing.
4. Add a professional profile image (the smaller image in the example above).
5. Add a professional cover photo image (the larger image in the example above).
6. Fill out the “About Me” section thoroughly on your new Fan Page (keep in mind that some of this information will become keywords in search engines, so do this part carefully).
7. Fill out as much information as possible about your brand as you go through the different settings on the Fan Page.
8. Once you have over 25 fans to your page, you can get your ‘Vanity URL’. This means you can get a name for your page (ex. mine is Otherwise, you will just have a string of crazy numbers!

You Have A Facebook Fan Page – Now What?

You need to get followers. There are a few ways you can do this.

  • You can ‘invite’ your Facebook friends to ‘Like’ your page. This is a good way because they are connections you already have and they will be more likely to help you out.
  • You can run “Promote Your Page” Ad to get likes to your Fan Page as this will increase your amount of Fans.
  • You can post a message on your timeline asking your followers to share the page with people they know (do this only after you have a loyal following and have provided value to your followers)

Remember, the more followers you have, the more ‘reach’ you will have (for more about ‘Facebook Reach’, see my article on the basics of marketing with Facebook here)

You need to start providing value for your followers.

If you are marketing yourself or your services, you will want to show your followers what you can do for them. How your services will help them with what they might be struggling with. This can be done in the way of valuable tips that you post, videos that you have created, articles that you have found that are useful for your audience.  Here are a few samples of the posts to my fan page (sharing my blog post, sharing a picture, asking a question):

Facebook timeline PostFacebook timeline postFacebook timeline postFacebook timeline post

You should be providing posts 2-4 times per day. Keep any posts to ‘optin’ or see your service/prices to 1 in 10 posts. Otherwise it should all be VALUE based.

If you are marketing a product, same rules apply. Show what your product can do for them, how it solves a problem, or educate them more in your niche. For an example of this, see my fan page on the niche market of Permaculture at

Interact with your fans.

  • If someone comments on your posts, thank them.
  • If someone asks you a question, answer them in a timely manner.
  • Put a survey question out there to find out what they would like to see from you.
  • Make posts that speak directly to your fans (thank them, offer them something of value for being a loyal fan).
  • Have a contest and give something away.

These are all ideas for interacting with your fans and keeping them engaged with you. For more ideas on what to post on you fan page, you can see them in the article I did on the basics of Facebook marketing here.

Setup your welcome video and call to action.

These are two new recent additions to fan pages that you should take advantage of.

Facebook Call To Action

  • The welcome video lets you post a short video about your product or service. Keep the video short, introduce yourself and your product/service, and tell them what they will get by checking back to the page regularly.
  • The call to action button lets you setup a way for your fans to sign up to your list or buy something that you have to offer, contact you, watch a video, etc. Just by adding this button, I got over 30 optins to my list in under a week after I put this in. Don’t skip this step!

Utilize Facebook insights.

You can utilize Facebook Insights to determine a lot of things about your page, such as the best time of day to post, the best day of the week to post and what content is most popular. It is important to note that the Facebook Insights tool is constantly updated to reflect your page’s developments and any patterns that may form. So you’ll need to keep checking back to stay on top of what is happening.

Here are some a few things about Facebook Insights:
Access Facebook Insights by clicking on the gear wheel on your Facebook Fan Page and select ‘View Insights’. You’ll see a graph like this one:

facebook-insights-chartThis is the main Insights dashboard and here you’ll see the total number of likes (and whether this is increasing or decreasing), the number of friends of fans available (this is the potential number of people you can reach), how many people are actively talking about your page as well as your total weekly reach.

From here, you can also learn about how your posts are performing, the demographics of those that like your page, who you are reaching from your posts, and many other analytics. You can even find out when most of your fans are online, so you can plan your posts around it!

I will be covering Facebook insights in more detail coming up soon in another article, so stay tuned.

So that is how you get around your Facebook fan page.

Takeaways for you:

  • Use your page strategically, and provide value to your followers.
  • Build a larger and more dedicated fan base (make sure and ads you run are targeted to your niche so they are the right fans).
  • Utilize the tools that Facebook provides you such as video and call to action.
  • Finally, be sure to use insights to become a better marketer by knowing your audience and knowing how your content is performing.

To see my comprehensive article on using Facebook for your marketing, click here.




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