Book Review – Developing The Right Entrepreneurial Mindset

Book Review – Developing The Right Entrepreneurial Mindset

In this book review, I outline the eBook that I have written about developing the right entrepreneurial mindset.  The book has an overview of what you need to change in order to succeed as an entrepreneur.  Each section has an action that I suggest you take in order to solidify the concepts.  I wrote this book for you because you may have started your own business for many reasons: looking for more freedom, financial independence, more control of your own future, better tax breaks, or more time with your family.  The problem is that most people, unless they started out in their career as an entrepreneur, worked as employees for most of their lives.  During this time, we developed the ‘Employee’ mindset.  As an entrepreneur, your mindset needs to be very different.  In this book I will identify the areas that budding entrepreneurs need to focus on and implement in order to make the shift into an entrepreneurial mindset.  For each area, I will give you detailed action steps you can take to implement these strategies into your own business.

Why You Need To Develop The Right Mindset

When I started my business in online marketing I jumped in with both feet.  I ran right out and formed an LLC THEN tried to figure out what to do for my business.  I enrolled and took many classes in real estate and financial management, until ultimately I ended up choosing to market online for a network marketing company.  During this time I made many mistakes, mostly made around just jumping in without thinking.  Thinking I could manage my business as I had managed my personal life as an employee.   I was functioning as an employee in an Entrepreneur’s world.

In this book you will find exclusive strategies for changing your mindset and making it as an entrepreneur, including:

  • How to Create a Strong Personal Mission Statement
  • Why You Need to Manage Your Business as a Business
  • How to Let Go of Your Fears
  • The Utter Importance of Staying Consistent
  • How to Develop & Execute Focused Marketing Strategies
  • How to Get in the Game with Social Media
  • Why You Need to Invest in Your Personal Growth and Education

Strategies That I’m Revealing Here

These strategies will help you move from having that ‘employee’ mindset all of your life to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  By following these strategies, you will save lots of time, money, and frustration when you implement them into your business.

With each strategy, I outline actions that you can take to help implement the practice and complete the mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur.

As you read through each strategy, ask yourself this:  “As an Entrepreneur, have I done this for myself?”  If not, take the recommended action that I outline for you and be sure to implement it in your own business.

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