It’s Time to Put ‘TEAM’ into ‘Entrepreneur’


Most Entrepreneurs work alone and try to build their businesses on their own. In my experience, having a strong team around you in any situation will make you a better leader and take you to greater heights of success.  In order to truly achieve success as an entrepreneur, you need to be a part of a powerful team. In this post I’ll explain how having powerful teams in place to both run your business and to grow your business.

Why Is There No TEAM in Entrepreneur?

The word ‘TEAM’ is not found in the word ‘ENTREPRENEUR’ – but it certainly should be. By definition, an entrepreneur is ‘someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it’. Even the definition has ‘someONE’ in it. But in order to get the business venture going effectively, there needs to be teamwork – yet most entrepreneurs are out there working and acting independently. Team, by definition, is ‘a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project’. Wouldn’t it make sense that having a team would actually be helpful to an entrepreneurial venture? So why then, do we as entrepreneurs, tend not to build or utilize strong support teams?

The Lonely World of an Entrepreneur

Most of us start out as entrepreneurs working completely on our own. We have our own ‘why’, our own purpose, our own goals. We work hard to make our venture successful. We may even learn from others around us, utilizing training material or following duplication methods of those before us. But mostly we try to get our businesses built and off the ground on our own.

In corporate America, I have run large teams with over 20 people. I know and have seen firsthand that the only reason I ever had success working with a team in corporate America was that we all worked together for a greater purpose. We all brought something different to the table. We all had our own and different strengths. As a leader, you need to know how to capitalize on those strengths, or you end up failing your team mission.

Starting Out as a Solo Artist
With all that I’ve learned about the importance of teamwork in my life, I still set out on my entrepreneurial journey alone. It felt natural – I was starting my own business, I should be working it alone until I build my organization. I proceeded to operate for 18 months almost completely alone. I looked for good teams, even joined a team with a top company earner above me. I joined companies where I thought I had community and support, and while they did, they did not have the true heart that a team needs to succeed.

In many cases, the support was superficial. There was community and training but never the belief that someone really had your back. I never felt that someone would help guide me and support me while starting my own business and life transformation. Ultimately and thankfully, I found the right team that filled in the pieces I was missing, and everything just came together.

Putting TEAM Into Entrepreneur

While you need a team that is more involved in your day to day business building efforts, you will also need a larger team around you. These are people such as tax attorneys, bookkeepers, lawyers, and business advisors. While you don’t need these team members every day, when you do – you’ll need to have good ones in place. Find those that understand you and what you are trying to accomplish you’re your business. Interview 3-4 of them in each area to be sure you have the right fit. Work together and make adjustments if needed – you and your extended team should always be in sync.

For your day to day business building efforts, find a true team to work with that will support you. You will want to find a team that has heart, purpose, and a common mission. A team with strong leadership, mentoring, and experience. Find team leaders with the same goals you do – to motivate, to inspire, and to lead.

Having a team will remove the isolation that so many entrepreneurs live with day in and day out. Strong leadership on that team will help you realize your goals through motivation. Isn’t it time you found a way to put the right TEAM into your own Entrepreneurial efforts?

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To Teamwork!!

6 Responses to It’s Time to Put ‘TEAM’ into ‘Entrepreneur’

  1. Scott,
    I totally agree with you about TEAM being part of Entrepreneurs. We may be working towards our own goals, but working with other entrepreneurs creates an energy that is impossible when you go it solo. Supporting one another is key to bringing support into your enterprise. What you give out, you receive back ten fold over!

    Great outlook Scott,
    Val 🙂
    Know Your Personality –

  2. Hey Scott,

    I’m totally with ya my friend on this post! So many of us are looking for someone to help lead us to find our own success… but like you said, most of us just end up on our own, trying to figure this big crazy world of on-line marketing!

    What’s crazy is… When you do find a team, a business and friendships…I mean TRUE friendships created with people who honestly care about YOU in this journey to find your own ENTREPRENEURSHIP… You can Achieve your DREAMS!

    I’m so glad I found you Scott… thanks for giving so much of yourself to all of us out here trying to find our way!


  3. Christina, thanks for your comment and great insight. I love what you say there – that once you find the right team, business and friendships – they all fall into place and you can achieve your dreams faster than ever before. It’s been a true blessing for me. I’m glad you found me to Christina – I so enjoy our interaction and the way we think alike!

  4. Scott,

    I think you captured the key to success in this post. People helping people achieve their goals is the only way to succeed in this business. Give, get, grow!



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