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Live The Life of Your Dreams – Settle for Nothing Less!!

Earlier this week I was in a bit of a funk. I was talking to my good friend and mentor about what was going on and she gave me what I call a ‘swift kick in the %&@’. I needed to do something and was procrastinating. What I needed to do was going to affect someone else more than it would me and I was hesitant. I took the swift kick and just went and did it. Did what I needed to do and remembered that I needed to do it for me more than anyone else. Continue Reading

Make The Mindset Shift from Employee to Entrepreneur

Scott Ewart shares some information about his niche – helping those that want to move from an employee to entrepreneur mindset. Even though he has been an entrepreneur for a couple of years, he spent most of that time functioning with an employee mindset. In this video, he explains the problems it can cause entrepreneurs, and what are some of the things that anyone can do to help them make the mindset shift. Continue Reading

Can You Rediscover YOUR Motivation?

How do you stay motivated when pursuing your goals? When you start something new, there is an excitement and energy that comes along with it. Think about starting a new school, getting your first car, meeting the right person, starting a new job. They all invoke different emotions and energy.. Continue Reading

How You Can Take Advantage of Work from Home Businesses

You can take advantage of work from home businesses in many ways. Jobs that were once considered solid are now being phased out, many of those going to work from home businesses. Parents who want to stay at home with their children, people who want an extra income and students who want to go to school as well as earn an income are all starting their own businesses from home. Continue Reading

What Business Opportunities Do You Get With a Work from Home Career?

The opportunities that exist when a person has a work from home career are ones that don’t often present themselves when a person is working for someone else in a smaller capacity within a business. Some of those opportunities have the potential to launch a career far higher than if the worker stayed in a job where they had little opportunity to advance. Continue Reading