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Success Characteristics – Do You Have Them?

Success Characteristics – Do You Have Them?

The Success Characteristics That Define You <==== Share Over Here (thanks!) Change Unsuccessful Characteristics to Success Characteristics I found this image today and was inspired to write about it. It shows what success characteristics are, and what are the characteristics of an unsuccessful person. As I looked over them, I realized that I had some… Continue Reading

What Is The Slight Edge?

Who Are You Destined To Become? <==== Share Over Here (thanks!) Review of The First Chapter of “The Slight Edge” This week I have started reading The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson. As I uncover what the slight edge is and how it can help you, I will keep you posted on my blog. It… Continue Reading

How To Succeed in Business

How To Succeed In Business   Seek Out Pain and Avoid Pleasure, Exact Opposite of Human Nature Human beings were programmed to live their lives avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. Almost every single one of them experiences a lot of pain before they reach the pleasure and success they’re looking for.  Succeeding in life is… Continue Reading

Live The Life of Your Dreams – Settle for Nothing Less!!

Earlier this week I was in a bit of a funk. I was talking to my good friend and mentor about what was going on and she gave me what I call a ‘swift kick in the %&@’. I needed to do something and was procrastinating. What I needed to do was going to affect someone else more than it would me and I was hesitant. I took the swift kick and just went and did it. Did what I needed to do and remembered that I needed to do it for me more than anyone else. Continue Reading