5 Steps To Creating A Successful Blog

5 Steps To Creating A Successful Blog


Consistency Makes You A Better, More Successful Blogger

Why go through all the trouble of setting up and building a blog presence and building an asset, only to let it disappear??  Well, I am taking Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy course this week and it has been invigorating and motivating.  He has reminded me why I built my blog a couple of years ago.  He also reminded me why I have not had the success I looked for in my blogging efforts.  I got away from talking to my target prospects.  I was not consistent with producing content.  I did not focus on getting traffic to my blog.  And I did not have the right purpose behind it.  I essentially set it up, gave it a good effort for a while, then walked away, distracted by the many next shiny things.

Well I am back now, and this time it is for good.  Ray and his most excellent course has reminded of the purpose of being a good blogger, and the results that I can get from it.  My blog will help others understand how to make the transition from corporate America and into the world of entrepreneurship.  It will let me speak directly to those that I can best relate to and help the most.  It will help me get leads for my business and sell some products that will help others.  So thank you Ray for kicking me in the a*# and getting me back on track!  So, onto the 5 steps.

Successful Blogging In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Identify Your Prospects.  I just wrote another post on it, which you can read here.  But basically you need to identify your ideal target prospect.  Who will you be targeting in your blogging efforts?  What do they do?  What are their pain points? What are their dreams? How can you talk to them specifically?  How can you help them? You need to identify this before you can do any blogging or any marketing.  Otherwise, by talking to anybody, you will be talking to NOBODY.

Step 2 – Setup Your Blog.  There are many ways you can have your blog setup.  If you are patient and somewhat technical, you can setup your own blog.  There are many videos available that you can view that will help you set it up on your own.  There are also courses available.  You can also outsource the creation and setup of your blog from places like odesk.com.  You can generally get a blog setup the way you want for about 50.00.  Do your research there, pick a good contractor, and work with them to get what you want.

Step 3 – Create Content.  This is where most people stumble, but there is content everywhere.  Once you have identified your target prospect, creating content should come more easily.  Always make sure your content is speaking to them and is reaching out to help them to learn, help them to understand, and allow them to follow your lead.  A couple of ideas for creating content.  Create a list of frequently asked questions that your target prospect would ask when trying to get online or into the same niche as you.  Come up with 25 questions.  Answer each question in a blog post.  You can also look on your bookshelf.  You must have some books that you bought for a reason that would also speak to your prospect.  Identify the reason that you bought the book in the first place.  What were YOU trying to learn.  Write about that.  If the books have lists, use those and expand on what the list is outlining.  You can always reference the book, as well as providing an affiliate link to the book at Amazon (a little extra cash!).

Step 4 – Drive Traffic To Your Blog.  There are several ways you can do this.  Share your blog post link on Facebook and Twitter.  Add your blog post link to social bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon.  Repurpose your content as a video (add blog text to powerpoint, record a screen share with voice over, and voila – video!).   You can comment on other people’s blogs – seeing your comments on other blogs will get people to come and visit your blog, plus it provides backlinks to your blog and raise it up in the search engines.  These are just a few ways, and most of these will raise your position in organic search engine placement getting you even more traffic by default!

Step 5 – Cash Checks.  What would you do with $100, 000?  Most people don’t have a good answer for that question, because it seems out of reach.  But the universe operates in harmony with goals and actions, and if you set your goals and actions to attain $100,000 and you have a PURPOSE for that money, well the universe just might align for you – as long as you take action.  So what would I do with it?  Well, I would quit my day job, I would spend more time with family, I would buy a second house and live outside the country for several months a year, and I would reinvest in my business so I could continue the cycle of helping others and earning more money in the process.  As they say, what comes around goes around!


So those are the 5 steps you need to take in order to build and run a successful blog.  I will be expanding on those steps more as I continue learning and growing my blog and my business.  Be consistent, identify a target, focus on the end game, and it will all come together for you too!








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  1. Hey Scott

    Good post. I look forward to your expansion into the topic of “driving traffic to your blog”. I am always looking for creative ideas to share. I really like your theme too. Which one are you using, if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. Thanks Aymee! I too am looking forward to the driving traffic topic 🙂 The theme I am using is Fresh News by Woo Themes. I appreciate your stopping by and your comments!

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