3 Steps To Follow To Make Money Online

3 Steps To Follow To Make Money Online

How Does A Marketer Avoid All The Internet Hype?

There is a lot of hype on the internet about how to make money online. It is easy to fall into the trap (I have done it MANY times). Know you are not alone. We all have programs we’ve purchased that we haven’t used. We all have books we’ve bought that we haven’t read.

But rest easy knowing there is a reason for it. As humans, we are programmed to avoid pain and to feel pleasure. Think about that. In all aspects of your life, don’t you try to avoid pain at all costs, and feel pleasure instead (love, shopping, thrill seeking?). We do the same for internet marketing. Instead of dealing with the reality of not having anyone in your business, or not having anyone ‘attracted’ to you and following you, you resort to pleasure. Buying the next shiny thing. Changing companies thinking the next one will solve your problems.

I have taken many courses and been mentored by top money producers in our industry. And I keep hearing the same thing over and over. Your list is your most important thing you can own. Now, I have ignored this in the past, of course thinking that I knew better. If I just worked with this product, or worked with this person, I would get the success I was looking for. Now while that may be true, you don’t get very far without having a list.

Here Are 3 Steps To Follow To Make Money Online

1 – Build a list of customers or subscribers. You do this by offering them something of value (for free), then driving traffic to your offer. An irresistible offer will get them to opt-in and receive the offer. Be sure it is of true value and will help your prospect out for what they are looking for.

2 – Improve your personal value level so you can provide value to your list. As you continue to learn new methods and life lessons, share these with your list. By sharing, you improve the level of personal value you add to the world. This also shows your list that you have value to give beyond your initial offer, and they will continue to gain trust and respect for you.

3 – After you accomplish 1 & 2, recommend things to your list they can buy that will enhance what it is they are already doing. Don’t sell to them more than once for every 7-8 other personal value items that you share with them. Keep the value coming. And once you do have something that you think will help them, be sure to show that you have gotten value from the item, and describe how you think it will benefit them. It will show that you are continuing to look out for their best interest, even if you are putting something for sale in front of them.

As an example, I always recommend this easy to start page for learning about making money online!

Any top producer will tell you that the number one thing you need to do is build and nurture a list. As an internet marketer you must focus on this. While the initial process can be painful (How do I get traffic?, What can I offer them?, No one is joining!!), the pleasure that you will gain from a dedicated list that follows you and buy from you will far outweigh that pain. We’ll talk to you next time.

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