3 Methods For Creating Content For Your Blog

3 Methods For Creating Content For Your Blog

Creating Content Is Not Hard!

Most people get stuck writing blog posts and growing their blog presence because they think they lack credibility and creativity.  What will I write about?  Why would anyone listen to me?  In this post, I’m going to call out some creative ways that you can come up with content easily.  And regarding credibility, I always think of it this way.  What you are teaching or writing about, you always know more than your audience.  They have sought you out because of your topic, and they will learn something from you.  So taking the time to educate yourself on a topic then write about it automatically makes you an authority in the eyes of your readers.

What Are These 3 Methods For Creating Content?

Just remember that you don’t have to be creative – there is content all around you!

Method 1 – Pick From Books That You Already Own

  • Pick 3 books from you niche collecting dust on your bookshelf.  Ones that you bought but never or only minimally read.
  • Think back and write down the reason that you bought the book – what did you hope to gain or learn from it?
  • That question you had?  You just made a blog post title.
  • Example:  I bought a book called ‘Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your WordsI looked through it at the time, but never put anything into practice.  What was I looking for from this book?  Well, it was recommended to me by a friend, but I wanted to learn how to be a better writer, how to write copy that would persuade people to read on with my content, and take the actions that I was asking them to do.  So, I will do an upcoming blog post that will be titled ‘How To Write Content That Will Persuade People To Do What You Ask Of Them’.
  • Now pick one of the chapters in the book.  Pay attention to how the content could help your target prospect.  What value is in there that would help them?  How could you help them?  What can you teach?  Figure that out, being inside your target prospects mind, then write the post to answer the question.
  • Tip: If your book has bulleted lists, those are easy to use and to talk about.  Readers love lists (4 Things, 3 Methods, Top 7, etc.).
  • Extra Tip: Reference the book in your blog post.  Provide a link to the book with your Amazon Affiliate link.  If someone buys that book (plus whatever else they may buy on that visit to Amazon), you will get a commission.  Just one way of monetizing your blog!
  • Note that can do exactly the same thing with webinars that you attend – ask yourself ‘What was the one question you had on your mind when you attended the webinar’?  Voila.  Answer the question, figure out how to teach the answer to your target prospect, and you’ve got yourself a blog post.

Method 2 – Asking People Questions

  • If you have an email list, ask your list this question.  You could also hold a live webinar, inviting people to bring with them this one question.  The question is, what is the #1 question you have about online marketing, or whatever your niche is.  You will get a huge range of questions that people are begging to know the answers to.  On the webinar, you can answer the questions live.  If it is to your email list, you could ask them to take an online survey (surveymonkey, wufoo, etc.).
  • Refer back to these questions over time – you will have several topics for blog posts, knowing these questions are what your target prospects want to know.
  • 1 question = 1 blog post
  • Several questions = FAQ or a Video Series, or a Course that you could sell!

Method 3 – Bookstore Browsing

  • Go to a real bookstore, such as Barnes and Noble or a local bookstore
  • Grab 3-6 books on your niche (personal development, leadership, marketing, sales)
  • Go to their reading area or coffee shop, sit down, and look through the books.  Look for a list as those are easy to use and make notes about.
  • Pull the list, write a blog post about it.  Don’t forget to credit the book and give a link to your Amazon Affiliate account.
  • Extra tip (Thanks Ray Higdon!!) – Before you put your book back, put your business card or drop card inside the book.  The next person that looks at or buys the book may contact you, and you just might get a lead or a sale from that practice!


Here I’ve outlined 3 methods here for creating content for your blog.  You can use the book library that you already have to get ideas.  Question why you got those books in the first place, then answer those questions in blog posts.  You can talk to people about what they want to know and learn about your niche, then write posts that answer those questions.  And finally by browsing bookstores, you can get even more ideas from your niche and go back and write about them – sometimes even monetizing your blog through Amazon Affiliate commissions or potential sales from business cards.  Now you have no reason to claim that you don’t have ideas on what to write about – just go do it!








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